What we do

Your game is a beauty, we handle the distribution of it.
Once up and running and for sale on international platforms, we:
• Carry out Promotions
• Look for special, one-shot Deals
• Handle the Day-to-Day life of the game
• Always with your Consent beforehand






Hi There!

In the Gaming Industry for many years, Katleen manages a Catalogue of titles on a daily basis, worldwide. Announcing games, setting up promotions, deliver all necessary content for the game setup on all international platforms and major actors of the Gaming Industry, deliver keys and refills for the games, manual ingestion of the games on specific platforms, looking for awesome, one-shot deals…

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  1. Gamescom 2017

    August 21 - August 25
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    September 21 - September 24
  3. Paris Games Week 2017

    November 1 - November 5